Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tissues :(

"In my days , they just give u a class , u sit there and die there . Quietly . "
Quote , Puan Harbans :)

Michelle should be at Penang right now . Ahaha . Daily stalker info :)
Anyway , i hope i'll be reunited with Michelle soon , in class :) Click. This was the post that i wrote about sitting with Michelle . Ahaha :) Its okay . We'll survive . More like , i hope i'll survive :) Today is my grandmother's birthday . I know , why am i telling u ? Ahaha .

This year , i must have a must do list . You know , the list that you write stuff that u must do . I didn't manage to complete my must do list after PMR . I nearly typed PMS . Ahaha :) Well , one thing in my must do list is , watch lots n lots of movies . This year , i must go to Sunway Lagoon . Yes, i haven't been there . n I live in Kelana Jaya , which is quite near :)

So , i must go to Sunway Lagoon at least once this year . I've been hoping to go since i was std 6 :( Another thing in my must do list , is try to be a nicer person . Yes , i know it sounds fake Ahaha . But seriously , i'll try to be nicer to people i dislike . Like , them ..

And last but not least , oh wait , on second thought , i should keep that to myself :) . They say wishes don't come true if u tell people . So what if this principle applies to my must-do list :( Oh well . This is one thing i must do for sure , clean up my room :) Ahaha . I m gonna be a terrible housewife . So , i m not gonna be a housewife :)

Back to Puan Harbans . Isn't she cute ? :D . She told us that she dropped add math and physics last time :D So , its right for me to dislike physics :) My whole class clapped . I think we are proud of her Ahaha :D I like her :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Someone like you :)

No , the blog is not dead , yet :)

Sorry for not updating for , err .. 3 months? Okay , less rite ? Hmm .. I dono why m i blogging rite now , do u ?

Nowadays , class without Michelle just seem so , wrong . I wonder if i m pms-ing or , i m just lack of sleep . Which do i prefer ? Lack of sleep . Which means , i have another excuse for myself to sleep more :)

Michelle , I rilly hope u get better soon . Or else , i m turning into some emo person in class . Ahaha , okay maybe not :D But its sumwhere dere .

I feel so sleepy now . Okay ! This short update has proved dat my mind is currently blank .

I miss u like crazy :(

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Carrot :O

I just finish reading blogs so i m using dis account :)

Famous personalities dat teacher wan us to find . i planned to find nicol david , but i cant find her photos on newspapers D: but , i found a lot of lee chong wei's photo tho . sigh . i plan to juz do whoever i find on newspaper .

N now , my 3rd choice is sultan of johor . Coz deres a lot of his photos , dun have to go thru d trouble of finding anything . d biodata , his stuff n all is dere :) , so maybe i'll pick him :D

I dun think ppl read dis blog often . Ahaha . i feel so ughh 2day , i havent finish my math tuition n chemistry tuition's homework . n chemistry's peka , i forgot to take d results from kai xin . i dun like graphs :( . sighh .

Is 2mr addmath test ? D: yes it is :( .

Okay , I m gonna GO :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Havent blogged for a long time . sorry ! :)

Ahahahaha !

Heres an announcement : ' Altho i think everyone has already found out , but still i find pleasure in saying dis . I , Chew Yi Hsien will be sitting with Michelle Chew Ru Hui in class for dis whole year , n hopefully next year too . '

I noe i m smiling :)

Next , due to d amount of homework we have , i think neither michelle nor i wud blog for d time being . But , dun give up on dis blog . yet :) Ahaha .

Okay , is this considered a post ? Yes . so i m done with it rite ? :)

Gotta start doing my homework now . will update if dere isnt much homework !

Friday, January 1, 2010

Me .

On 31st Dec 2008 , i told mon dat i wanna do a confession . As in , confess my sins .
Well , on 2nd Jan 2010 , i still haven't done it .

I noe , I m weird . - Dat shall remain till 2013 . for now. after 2013 , i'll renew or update my weirdness . How old m i dat time ? 19 years old :D

Is sixteen that sweet? I have no idea . My mum made it a must for me to go to some dinner at a relative's house . I owe my dad one , for allowing me not to go . :) Yes , i m a happy girl right now :D . Extremely happy ? Not exactly .

Luck . I nid luck . i mean , if i have bad luck , i'd be in an accident n well . Not being me . So , i hope i have good luck for 2010 . :)

Current Msn Display Pic .

My fren blocked me for having a different picture . She assumed i was hacked Lol .

Monday, December 28, 2009

I m late :)

drinking :)

drinking :)

At Wendy's :) d lighting was weird so d picture was weird , so i juz made it into dis color .

took picture with d camel . behind us .

At d toilet . Ahaha , i dono why is it so dark in dis pic .

At d toilet . not so dark rite ? :)

went to d playground :D

Took picture at popular :)

Ahahaha :D

The End :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shoo !

I m literally smiling like a weird person .

p . s . Go Green ! (: